PV: My thoughts on Veterans Day

Emma Norman, Staff Reporter

 Veterans Day is a time to give attention or to pay tribute to all veterans not just living or dead,but to both.It’s a day to recognize and most of all thank all the veterans that served and fought in any war and for our country.Veterans Day originally was known as “Armistice Day” on November 11,1919.There’s a lot of men and women that have served and deserve to have a day just for them and for what they did,working so hard,fighting for their country,and a lot more.

 The people that fight for the U.S. aren’t just people they are friends,family members,kids parents, moms and dads that leave their family to fight for us and protect us.Those mean and women have so many options to choose from in the military branch. There’s the Army,Navy,Airforce,Marine Corps,Coast Guard ,and the Marines. There are so much more.

   I think Veterans Day is very important because it’s a time where I can myself thank one special person in my family that I know served in the Air Force,that is my papa John.He worked really hard in the Air force he worked on planes in the Air Force and i’m glad he knew what he was doing and was safe.Now that he is retired I am still thankful for him and his service in the military.

   My opinion on Veterans Day is that i’m glad that we have this day to thank all of our military families and men and women that served.We all have a time and day to say”thank you.”