The meaning behind Red Ribbon Week


Zoe Zarycki

Pink Out is one of students favorite days during Red Ribbon Week!

Emma Britt and Madeline Zawicki

Every year at Dobie Jr High students and staff participate in Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week isn’t just about dressing up, but also for students to learn the real severities of drugs. We are not saying to not have fun, but to understand the story behind it. During the week of October 22-26 is when Dobie dresses up each day to a different theme to raise awareness of the killing of drugs.


Dobie staff wants a safe,drug free learning environment for their students.The themes are different every year. This year on Monday, October 22, wear neon colors. Tuesday, the 23, Dress up like a nerd. On Wednesday, the 24, Wear boots. On Thursday,  the 25, wear your favorite team’s jersey. On Friday,the 26, Pink out.


However, Red Ribbon Week is far more than dressing up and having fun. According to,”The purpose of it is to raise awareness of the killing and destruction caused by drugs in America. It started in the response of the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena. It angered parents and youth across the country, so they started wearing red ribbons. The purpose of this goes to show, how seriously people should take drugs”.


Siara Romero, 8th, says that Red Ribbon Week is a fun week to dress up by spreading awareness about something that is affecting the nation. “In elementary school my mom would take me shopping to get me outfits for the week.” Romero says.


Alexis Keefe, 8th, said that she dresses up for the fun of it, and for the actual meaning behind Red Ribbon Week. “Red Ribbon Week is a lot of speeches about drinking and driving, and just not to do drugs,” Keefe said.


Even the staff at Dobie J.H dress up for Red Ribbon Week. Mrs. Wetz, 7th Grade ELA teacher, said that she likes to dress up and to send a message to students. “Sometimes we don’t get all the way to the idea of Red Ribbon Week, and the kids don’t always understand.” Wetz says.


 Mrs. Garcia, an 8th Grade Math teacher, said she likes dressing up simply to wear jeans. “I dress up for the fun of it because students don’t really understand,” Garcia says. Both Garcia and Wetz agree that students don’t understand the real purpose of why we do Red Ribbon Week, and that it is important.