Personal view: Dobie Cheerleading is a sport

Zayla Fernandez, Staff reporter

Over the summer the Dobie cheerleaders went to a week long cheer camp. That week, they figured out what everyone is good at and who would be captain and co captain. Victoria Patterson was good at remembering and preforming cheers and Nia McPherson was a good leader and dancer. However, all the cheer leaders were good at something and preformed very well. They also worked very hard.

“Not considering cheer-leading as a legitimate sport  is just absolutely ridiculous,” eighth grader, Nia McPherson quotes. I can strongly agree with that statement.

At camp they did a lot of cheering, stunting, and tumbling.Many people did get hurt. A main stunter had sprained her ankle. She was injured but, continued through camp. It was normal for her since she had been cheering for a while.

That time she stunted I’m sure she didn’t think it would be her last for a while. When she was being put down from her stunt she fell and her bracket went through her lip and she unfortunately had to get stitches. No longer do her parents want her stunting.

Not only did that happen but they also lost a cheerleader in the process. She has now moved to a different school and now we have an odd number of 15 cheerleaders.

“They practice around 5 to 6 hours a week and around 9 or 10 with football games and all the other games they do” states both Victoria Patterson and Nia McPherson. There are many risks when involved in cheer leading.  In that case yes I would absolutely agree with Nia that cheerleading is a sport and they get hurt like every other athlete they also have tournaments and practice just like every other athlete.

All the cheerleaders were very excited for there first Football game of the season. Being a 7th grade game they played there first game home. Playing Alamo Heights it was very fun and exciting for not only fans but football players. With an outstanding win. the cheerleaders had much fun that day cheering.

They may not be perfect yet, but they will defiantly get there in no time. You know what they say practice makes perfect.