PV:Growing up with military parents


Ava Normandin

Amarion Miller

Amarion Miller, Staff Reporter

Growing up with military parent   Growing up in the military was pretty rough all through my childhood until now my dad is in the army and has been deployed about 2 times for a very long time 1st time he was deployed he was sent to Irac for 2 years.After he came back I had missed him a lot,I have had to move around more than once I was born in Germany after I was born mom decided to retire.

But I would say that Killeen is my hometown I have lived in Killeen for a very long time.When I was 7 years old my dad was sent to move to Georgia we came with him and lived there for 2 years.I kind of didn’t like being in Georgia some of the kids that were at my school were not that nice to me it made me feel like I had no friends at my old school I only had like I only had one good friend there.

He was like the only person that was nice to me at that school it would always be hard for me to make friends at the school a lot of people would usually ignore me so it was not really that great for me.Then a year later he was sent to Korea for a year that was another struggling year for me I was struggling in school again I had grades that would start high and end low.

I think growing up with military parents helps show u that horrible things could possibly happen but u just have to hope that they don’t and it also help get tough skin because sometimes we all go through things and we need to learn how to deal with it

Being a military child could be really fun and exciting at times because you u learn a lot of  good things and u get some help with problems along the way.