PV:Social media,the difference it makes

here is social media at its best

here is social media at its best

Trevor Thomas, staff reporter

Well, I think that is great that teens did it but, I couldn’t I would fail this challenge for sure. I mean, we all are addicted to snap-chat and Instagram and cant get away from it. On the video the girls who stopped on social media all the time did look physically better, like when you get something free at Starbucks. Most of them did agree that they were better of without social media and it was true they didn’t need it just like we don’t need.


For me social media is like having a baby you can’t get rid of it and you get attached really quickly making it harder for you to stop enjoying it. Social media is a baby because it’s an addiction and hard to get rid off.


I use social media almost everyday because of how interesting it is.after i watched the good morning america video I  learned that i should use social media a lot less that way it won’t affect my health or how angry I am in the morning, I think that social media can cause damage by how much you use it.


I feel that I could be a better person without social media and stay of it for at least a week. When teens use social media another soul learned that social media is a way of life. We worship social media like it is a need, but it’s just another want. I think that it should be a law stating that you can only be on your phone half of the day, and if you get caught on it you have to pay a fine to get it back.


The video really spoke out on what we should pay attention to, The video had ten girls all with social media and made them delete it for a week to see how they would improve and it worked.I mainly believe that when they deleted their social media i should to, because the video had interesting facts and details that made me want to keep watching.


Lucie Nivaud described her two-week cleanse as “absolutely fantastic. “Nivaud said it “changed the way I now use my phone and use social media.”


“It really helped me be more present and in the moment,” she added. “I spent so much more time outside, doing my homework, and I slept a lot better for not being on my phone at night.”

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