Personal View: Living in a Military Family


Silvia Makori

Valentino Sanchez

Valentino Sanchez, Staff reporter

Growing in a military family has been an amazing experience for me.

When I was little around 5 or 6, my Dad came into my life and he was always there for me and he was already in the military. I’m very proud of my Dad that he has served our country and grateful to have a Dad that actually cares and loves me.

My dad is in the Air Force and loves to fix computers. I have my Mom, Dad, and my two little brothers. My Dad has been in the military for about 12 years and is only working another job because we had family living with us and we didn’t have enough money. So with him working another job is to support that person.   

The journey was really fun and we were stationed at one place called Utah. It was a fun and awesome experience living in a different state in the country and getting to see something new. Being in a military family means a lot, only that it is cool to have a dad in the military but it makes me feel safe at home.

My Dad would sometimes deploy to Iraq/Guitar and I would always contact him on facetime or on my phone to see how he is doing and how he’s holding up out there.