Dobie Volleyball has come to an end


Mariah Biache and Sydney Jones

   Volleyball season has finally come to an end and the Lady Cougars finished the season off strong. The 8th grade A team won both sets against Corbett Mustangs and claimed the title of Undefeated District Champions. 8th grade B team also had a great season by only losing two games. Jadyn Garrett on B team said, “We did good overall, although the home games were very nerve racking and of course we made little mistakes, but we still did are best and tried our hardest.” Every girl on the team was very excited and honored to be part of this activity and to be able to represent  this school. Zoe Ziricki on A team and Chloe Vanwinkle on B, both agreed that they felt like they belong on the team and were meant to be there.

   Although all things must come to an end, most of the girls are looking forward toward going into high school and starting their athletic career in volleyball or in another sport. Makaley Madrid is not trying out for volleyball next year, but going into softball as one of her main sports. Alexanderia Platt on B team says, “It’s a mix of emotions because I’m sad that the season is over, but at the same time I’m happy that this happened.”

  Going on, all the volleyball players are going to miss this years unforgettable season. The girls on A team are especially proud of this year because of banner they’ve won for Dobie. Dobie jr. High has not gotten a volleyball banner for 10 years. Now this years A team is now bring one home. Mariah Biache, on A team, says that she enjoyed to be part of something like this and becoming undefeated doesn’t happen often. The Lady Cougars did their best this season and because of their efforts it paid off in the end.