PV: How social media causes promblems


Silvia Makori

Caleb Nash

Caleb Nash, Staff Reporter

Social media isn’t just an app that people use to communicate with each other. It also causes more drama at school and takes away time for healthy things like sleeping and exercising. Social media is a modern day item that causes lots of problems.

Social media was just used as an app to communicate with friends and family that you don’t get  see everyday. But now social media is the face of arguments and drama. It gives kids a chance to target or bully someone without their identity being known.

People have done studies on how kids act when they aren’t on social media for periods of time. Good Morning America did an experiment with 10 girls giving up social media for 14 days.The moms of the girls said they were frustrated about how many times they have to repeat themselves around the house. One mother said that a lot of things don’t get done around the house because her daughter is on social media so much.

The girls that were doing the social media detox said that they were concerned about what things are going to happen without them knowing because they weren’t going to be on social media. They said if they if they miss something on social media then they won’t know what everybody is talking about at school.

CNN news station have done studies that show “When teens learn that their own pictures have supposedly received a lot of likes, they show significantly greater activation in parts of the brain’s reward circuitry.” Teens in the U.S. spend 9 hours a day on social media, they also check it 100 times a day.