PV: Growing up in a military family


Silvia Makori

Jadyn Garrett

Jadyn Garrett, Staff Reporter

My dad had just joined the military when I was born in Columbus, Georgia. When I was only a few months old we moved to Belleville, Illinois and my dad was stationed on Scott, AFB.

About three years since we moved to Illinois my little brother Tristan was born and about a year later my dad had deployed to Afghanistan. Since my dad couldn’t be home to take care of us, my Grandma moved into our house and took care of us while my mom worked. That helped my mom out a lot, but we still missed our dad.

We lived there for about  six years and then we moved to Cibolo, Texas. I was really sad that I had to move schools and leave my friends in Belleville. I loved my school and all my teachers, and most of my friends lived in my neighborhood, so we would all play outside together.

When we first got to Texas my family and lived in a little apartment on Randolph AFB so he could get situated with his new job. In about a week I started school all of the people in my new school were really nice to me and I made friends pretty quickly because I was only in 2nd grade, but I still missed my friends in Belleville.

After about 3 days we moved into our new house and my dad started working at Camp Bullis. I made a lot of friends in my neighborhood really quickly and was always outside riding my bike.

After 13 years of serving in the Air force my dad got tired of deploying and separated. I still live in Texas and I love living here and hope to grow up in this community.