Dobie Jr.High Students and Faculty Speak Out On The New 2016-2017 Dress Code

Lindsey Villarreal, Staff Reporter

  Dress code…everyone has their own opinion on the new J. Frank Dobie Junior High School dress code of 2016-2017.I understand some of these rules,but there are some people that agree to disagree.

    There has been a lot of talk in the hallways of J.Frank Dobie Junior High,and here are what some people think about our dress code of 2016-2017.

    Students have been complaining about our dress code since last year and they want to speak their mind.

    “….there’s nothing a problem about it that upsets me…..”Ashley Sustayta,8th grade,said.

    “I don’t like it….”Ashley Pina,8th grader.

    “It’s stupid,leggings are just like jeans.”Karissa Cano,8th grade,said.

    As students,some of us could be angered by these rules,here’s what they say we can do about it.

    “We can follow it and do what it says,so we don’t get in trouble. “Sustayta,8th grade,said.

    “Protest.” Cano,8th grade,said.

    If I were to have an problem on this dress code,I definitely think I would talk to an administrator and ask why they put these rules on this dress code.

    I honestly wonder who would we go to ask about this dress code,and ask about these rules,here is what students had to say.

    “The school board,” said Pina,8th grade.

    We as students and human beings believe we have the right to express ourselves,and I also think that everyone believes we can express ourselves.

     Sustayta,8th grade, said “Yes.”

     Cano,8th grade,said,”With leggings,yes,without them,no.”

    Like I said above, since last year,people have been talking about how they feel about the dress code,and here is what they had to say and how they would agree with our dress code.

    Pina,8th grade,said,”The rule about shirts covering our bottoms,cause’ I wear long shirts.”

    “I understand that we can’t expose all our skin,but what’s with all the holes in the jeans,we are not even exposing that much skin.” Cano,8th grade,said.

    There are a lot of questions with the dress code about the equality with the boys and girls.

    “…Guys can take their shirts off,and talk about “stuff” and leggings cover us up and we get in trouble for it.” Pina,8th grade,said.

   Almost everyone feels the same way about the new rules for our dress code or so I think.

“…People have different preferences.Some people don’t care.” Sustayta,8th grade said.

According to our dress code,here are some of the rules.

  • “Undergarments shall not be visible or exposed.”
  • Clothing that promote violence,or reflect gang activity are prohibited.
  • Hair must be clean and well groomed.
  • Don’t wear anything inappropriate.

Here is what Principal Vernon Simmons had to say about this situation,he does believe this dress code let’s us express ourselves,and that we do have a say,there is a student suggestion box in the cafeteria,where our opinions will be accounted for,and also that not just our school was at fault for these changes in the district dress code,but schools district wide.

Principal Simmons said,“Yes,students can wear what they want,it just can’t be too short or inappropriate.”

Principal Simmons also said this “There is a student suggestion box in the cafeteria,and the students are free to put their suggestions,and will be read and accounted to when making the rules.”                        

“Students took advantage of this privilege,not just this school,but schools district wide,”said Principal Simmons.

We do have a right to express ourselves,but we have to express ourselves the appropriate way,and the dress code isn’t that bad,and look on the bright side,at least they are not making us wear uniforms,we can wear what we want,it just needs to appropriate.                                 

These rules may not have some of the privileges we had before,but there we can still express ourselves just appropriate,nice way.These rules aren’t all as bad as we maybe thought they were,and if you think there is a problem,just put it in the suggestion box,and see what happens from there.This dress code situation isn’t that bad as you make it see,the bright side on this,is that they let us wear what we want to wear,and they don’t make us wear uniforms.Let’s not take advantage of that.Let there be peace to this dress code situation.