A Team, 8th grade, Dobie Volleyball: The undefeated team


Kaylee Horn

The girls huddle tougher and get ready to make this second half count!

Kaylee Horn, Photo Editor/Staff Reporter


Dobie’s 8th grade volleyball kept their undefeated status when they won a September 24 volleyball game against Legacy.  Dobie’s team scored 25 points in a very intense game.

The game was held at Dobie. To win, the team must be the first team to make it to 25.

At first Legacy was winning, but Dobie caught up and redeemed their lost points. When the dobie girls worked together they won their game and all before. They all work very hard in order to keep their win streak.  I have no doubt that their winning streak will last. “It’s a great experience playing with all my teammates,” said Madison Spencer, 8th grader.

Spencer has a very positive attitude towards this volleyball team. She enjoys volleyball because it’s fun for her and it is like a second family. Spencer’s favorite part of the game is being on the court and if she is on the sideline she acts crazy and cheers on her teammates.

Spencer fought to win their game against Legacy, she said that they were challenging. “Everyone I play is a challenge, but all you can do is be the best you can and try your best,” said Spencer. “I love practice!” 

“I feel like a kindergartner going to the playground when I go to practice everyday,” said Spencer.

Spencer said that one of their hardest games was the game again Heritage. Spencer said that they had a good spike and that Dobie wasn’t getting to the ball fast enough, but they still tried their best.

Dobie volleyball is doing their best and trusting and believing in each other and that is how they get the job done. That is how they win!