Dobie students also celebrate homecoming


Homecoming is such a fun time to create memories. All around are lots of homecoming proposals, and people dressed up in spirit attire including mums. Homecoming is a high school event, but Dobie students like to join in on the fun.

The Steele homecoming football game is always exciting. The bands play and a Homecoming King and Queen and their court are crowned. Many students from all over the district including Dobie Jr. High went to the Steele’s homecoming football game where they announce the homecoming king and queen. The homecoming dance, held on Saturday, is one of the first school dances of the year.

Dobie students said the homecoming game was good and a fun time to remember. Trinity Rocha, an 8th grade student, said that she thought the game was fun. She said it was fun because she got to hangout with her friends, eat food, and enjoy the game. “I had fun at the game because I got to see my friends and be apart of all the excitement,” said Rocha.

For the homecoming game students were allowed to wear their mums and show spirit. Makayla Madrid, also an 8th grade student, said that the game was good. She said it was fun because she saw her friends and everyone wearing their mums.

The Dobie band also attended at the Steele Homecoming game and performed in front of a huge crowd and it was a good opportunity for them to show off all their hard work from practicing. Madrid said that the band did very good, and she thought it was a good experience for the band because they got to go out in front of hundreds of people and perform.Rocha also had an opinion about the band playing. She said, “They were really good, they performed very well and I enjoyed it.”

Students debated whether the 3009 game or homecoming game was better. Madrid’s response was, “The homecoming game was fun, but it wasn’t as good as the 3009 game. The 3009 game was better because it was Steele vs Clemens and almost everyone from both schools wanted to see who was better.”

On the other hand, Rocha thought the homecoming game was better. “Yes, the homecoming game was for sure one of the best games of the year because it was very exciting and fun.”