Majority Of Dobie Students Go Trick Or Treating

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, especially here at Dobie Junior High. Journalism classes surveyed 304 students to ask them what they were going to do during Halloween.

Majority of the students surveyed were 13-14  years old and about 78% don’t think they are too old to go Trick Or Treating. About 69% of students said they were going to go Trick Or Treating and about 40% said they were going to pass out candy while the other 60% said they were not.

Students were also asked what their favorite and least favorite thing about Halloween was. Most of the responses we got said that their favorite thing about Halloween was getting free candy and their least favorite thing is getting scared. We also asked what they were going to dress up as and majority said they were going to do the purge with their friends and what not.

8th grader,Gabrielle Garcia she said,” My favorite thing is dressing up and my least thing is the night ending.”

Another 8th grader,Grace Barco said her favorite thing about Halloween is going home with a bunch of candy and trading candy with my friends.

Halloween is celebrated in many different ways how do you celebrate Halloween?