PV: My dad’s journey through the military


Trinity Rocha

Mariana Williams

Mariana Williams, Staff reporter

If you know me then you know that my dad is really important to me, mostly because of what he’s been through and what he does for me and my family. So i decided to take an opportunity to explain why he is so amazing.

My dad, Mark Todd Williams, served 14 years in the Army  as a Master Sergeant. He told me that he joined the army because he needed a better life for him and his family. My dad also gained many experiences while in the army like; Traveling around the world and learning about different cultures. “I experienced triumphs, hardships, life and death.”My dad has learned many things while in the army. And many things stick with him today, like: discipline,teamwork, and leadership.

My dad says the hardest thing about being in the military was combat and deployment. You see my father has been on many tours

  1. 3 to Iraq
  2. 1 to Korea
  3. 1 to Japan
  4. 1 to Australia
  5. 1 to China
  6. 1 to Germany


There is probably many more than that.  Looking on his time in the military my dad has no regrets. The main thing my dad wanted to share about serving in the military is “It’s awesome, i think everyone should do it.

That’s just the beginning of why my dad is so amazing. There is so many more things that make my dad, my dad to many to list actually,but what I have here already says so much. Happy Veterans Day dad.