Cheer team goes pink

Madelyn Meerscheidt and Madison Spencer

It is October which means its Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every year during the month of October Dobie cheerleaders dress in pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. October was chosen as breast cancer awareness month because major breast cancer awareness charities increase awareness and donate more and more every October.

During the games, the cheerleaders attire for the month of October include pink bows, pink poms, pink face paint and some wear pink socks and bandannas. All the cheerleaders enjoy pink out very much.

Aubrey Martinez, 8th grade cheerleader says “Yes, because it gives us an extra opportunity to extra and support the cause.”

Mrs.Santos , Head cheer coach says , “Yes , to bring awareness to breast cancer and for people to understand why we dress in pink.”

The month of October is almost up and the cheerleaders only have a few pink out games left. “I rather cheer for pink out because we get the pretty pink stuff.” Says Martinez .

Mrs.Santos says she enjoys the team bonding, and watching the girls improve their skills. Most schools and cheer teams support pink out by dressing in pink to show their awareness .Martinez says “Yes and Yes . I support it because it is an important cause.” “Yes , to bring awareness to breast cancer and for people to know why we dress in pink.” Says Mrs.Santos.

As you can tell pink out is very important to Dobie cheerleaders and now that it is the end of the month of October there are no more pink out games and the games will return to normal and the cheerleaders will wear their normal game attire and no more pink. What will be next for dobie cheerleaders ? We will have to wait and find out.