7th grade volleyball teams play final game

Arianna Fisher and Rebecca Ryan

The last volleyball game for these 7th grade girls was emotional for most of the players who saw their friends and last time playing for the on the team. A and B team both played a great game the whole season. Lets hope we see them next year.

Ashlyn Roberts 7th grader, is #25  and a front row player on B team. “Playing volleyball relieves stress and its really fun”said Roberts. She started out as a non traveler and then after all her hard work, she played with the team for the last couple games.She is not a server, she plays on the outside on the right but has also improved on her serving skills.”I have not been able to practice my serves lately because of all the rain.”When she plays, she can be stressed especially when its game point but after all

Jaliya Doane 7th grader, She is #17 and she likes everything about volleyball, the fun, her teammates and likes to win on the B team. “I am normally confident during the game unless we are losing by a big margin” said Doane. She is normally excited when the game is almost over because they are having fun no matter what. Doane likes playing back row because she can help the B team keep the ball up. She has a lot of confidence for the team.

Presley Burks 7th grader, she plays on the  A team and is #28. She is glad that the team worked hard all season. She likes almost everything about playing volleyball, but the only thing she does not like about it is the drama. Burks said “When I serve I feel excited but a little nerves.”

Over all, they played very good and played their hardest. B team might have lost but they had amazing serves  and amazing teamwork. Who ever is on A or B team should she is calm and has courage in her teammates.feel very proud on how hard they worked and their responses. We hope that we see y’all next year and better than ever and a better response and be undefeated champions.

The schools we are  playing against will not know what is coming next year and let’s hope that we are better than this previous year. Lets hope we see our team next year