PV: All About Me! Caleb Mouser, New Dobie Student


Caleb Mouser

Caleb Mouser, Staff reporter

My name is Caleb Mouser, I’m a new 7th grade student at Dobie. I’m a journalist and reporter for Dobie News. I got enrolled into 7th grade about 4 months ago, and so far, I’m really enjoying it!

I used to live in the southernmost region of Mexico, in a state called Chiapas. My family lived down there, working under a missions agency known as World Indigenous Missions or WIM. We used to work as missionaries down in Mexico. We lived down there for nearly 10 years!

About 2 months ago, our missions agency asked my dad if he would like to work as part of the staff. However, this required us to return to the States. So after discussing it for a while, we finally decided to return to the United States of America. And then about a month after the move, we decided to enroll me here at Dobie.

I am 12 years old, and love to socialize, build with my LEGO, play Videogames, listen to music, and take pictures & write articles on a social platform for LEGO fans, known as LEGO Life. My username is LordTalkativeDude.

My favorite video games are Minecraft, Fallout 4, The Uncharted Series, and Fortnite. I enjoy listening to EDM and Christian music, as they’re my favorite music genres. Music groups/artists, such as Twenty-One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, NF, TobyMac, and The Chainsmokers are also favorites.

My TOP 5 movies are Avengers: Infinity War, James Cameron’s Avatar, Nacho Libre, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and… I can’t decide what my 5th fave is. I guess you could call me a nerd, because I’m a pretty big Marvel fan, as well as, Star Wars, Minecraft, Harry Potter, LEGO, the Fallout game series, and more.

I want to be a good student, and even if I’m not the brightest, I still wanna go to college. I plan on becoming a multi-billionaire, as the Founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a corporation that currently goes by the name Mcorp. As of right now, though, Mcorp is just a name that I “trademark” things with. For example, everything I do on LEGO Life.

Welp, see y’all later, and if you are a student here at Dobie, I hope we can meet sometime soon! (If of course you don’t hate me for making you read all that)