PV: Is A Social Media Detox Worth It


Jocelyn McComic

Lyna Gonzalez

Lyna Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

Social media is common for teens to use, but what would happen if we couldn’t use it for two weeks? I personally have thought about deleting my social media plenty of times but can’t seem to pull the plug. What about my streaks? What about my Instagram feed? What if I miss out  on something important? These thoughts happen every time I consider deleting my social media.

In California ten girls participated in a social experiment, delete social media for two weeks. At first you can tell they are skeptic on what would happen but still did it. The biggest positive effects this experiment had on them was better sleep, less arguing with parents, and being able to use their time better. On the other hand they said that when they were with their friends they felt excluded since everyone they were with were on social media platforms and felt like they were out of the loop with things.https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/10-teen-girls-give-social-media-weeks-fared-58967114?fbclid=IwAR0ePwqSxHTXQqBuriKFVELQvF4vXI8NSfvfsL-ByTqlQfXrEnWLrPcuYkA

To be honest social media plays a big part in my life. I am on it quite often and always watch snap stories and update my Instagram. Before I go to sleep I am on my social media which I feel messes up my sleep schedule and makes me fall asleep later than I should.

It is very addicting and so easy to use. I use my phone for like six hours a day and I’m always on social media. I have became so addicted to social media that when I go to exciting places I want to take pictures to post. Even though that sounds bad it keeps my family who doesn’t live here included in my life.

I often think would I be better without using it?  Maybe I would sleep better, stop worrying about others, and even comparing what I am doing to other people. They are many downsides to social media but also many positive things. It can help you stay connected with family or friends that live far away and see exciting things people are doing. Social media helps keep us connected but can also make us feel so alone.

We might get sad because we didn’t get invited to go somewhere or get annoyed when we can’t take good pictures. Even though I often think these things I worry about being out of the loop and bored. Overall I think a social media cleanse would be good and consider trying it out.