Some Dobie students plan to go trick-or-treating


Sydney Matak, Staff Reporter

Halloween is a tradition known all around the United States and is celebrated by people worldwide. Most people, including Dobie students, love the tradition of dressing up, going out, and getting free candy from friends and neighbors.

Shania Sapp, 8th grader, says she’s going trick-or-treating as a clown with red hair and a matching nose, a red and white striped shirt, along with some overalls. She said she’s going as a clown, ”Because I couldn’t choose anything else,” and because she wants to be something different. Sapp wishes to get every single piece of candy that can be found in her neighborhood. Her top three are, “Hershey’s, Kit-Kat’s, and Milky Way’s, because they’re delicious, and they’re chocolate.”

Kayla Berardino, 7th grader, says she’s not going trick-or treating. She says that her parents grounded her. Most of her family is going and if she were to go this year, she would be Hermione Granger, a wizard from the Harry Potter series. “I just like Harry Potter,” she stated. Her favorite part about trick-or-treating though is, “Just getting candy basically.” If she were to go, she says that she would hope to get candy corn, because it’s her favorite type of candy.

Adam Smith, 7th grader, says he is not going trick-or-treating. He said he isn’t going because, ”I don’t really exactly want to.” He has been trick-or-treating before and his favorite part about it is getting to dress up. If he were to go this year he would be Link, a character from Zelda, a popular video game.

A 7th grader, Ryan Locklin, says he will probably go trick-or-treating this Halloween. If he does go, then he plans to go as the Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur from the movie Jurassic Park. “I love dinosaurs,” says Locklin, his main reason for going as an Indominus Rex. His costume will have a head, tail, and feet that are black and white, along with a vivid red mouth. He wishes to get any type of candy except for spicy candy.

While opinions on going trick-or-treating may vary from person to person, overall, the consensus is that there will be kids going trick-or-treating this year. Trick-or-treating can be kept alive, but like most kids, unfortunately we grow up and move on to other things. So while we may not be there physically, the spirit of Halloween will always be alive in our hearts.