Students views on fall weather

Fall weather

October 16, 2018

By, Sophia Jackson, Kristin Keffer, Trinity Norton and Marquise Hamilton.


Now that fall is here, more and more people are starting to wear warmer clothing.The  weather is getting cooler and cooler each day, for instance, Monday and Tuesday the weather was in the 40’s almost completely dropping Wednesday however was in the 50’s so basically A lot of students are coming to school bundled up in sweaters expected it to be. He also says he would like the weather to be around of in the 70’s. Lastly he quotes ‘’I think that it will get worse”.


Amaya Roberts an 8th grader says “I hate it. I would rather have hot weather than cold I just don’t like being cold.”She also stated that “I dont get why it just got cold because we were literally wearing shorts last week”


Kaylee Horn is another 8th grader but her opinion on the weather is different “I love the colder weather because I can wear layers on layers.” She also stated that,”The colder weather makes me think of the upcoming holidays.”


John Wright an 8th grader says that the weather is sort of howyla Swanton an 8th grader, she feels like her allergies are getting worse. She also says that “It could be less colder like in the 70’s.” He also thinks that the weather could be worse.


The last interview is Caitlin Zanders an 8th grader says  that she likes it because she gets to wear cute clothes like sweaters and hoodies.bus says if she could change  the temperature she would make it warmer bringing it back to summer. These are just examples of what people think about this fall.