Spotlight:Coach Wallrich


Coach Wallrich is not just a great football coach, but he’s also a great science teacher;

working hard every day in the classroom and on the field. Here are the interesting facts about him.


Mason J. Wallrich, a 7th grade teacher who graduated from Texas State University, is a science teacher and football coach at J Frank Dobie Jr High. He honestly does not know if he likes teaching or coaching better. “I like the healthy balance between them both.” he said.


Wallrich is single — he doesn’t have a wife or kids. Coach’s favorite unit to teach is adaptation because it is fun to talk about how to make things work.

One of his fellow coaches, Coach Bruton, said that Coach Wallrich cares about his students and athletes and that he  knows science and football very well. He also said that Coach Wallrich acts the same in and out of school: “What you see is what you get,” he said.


John Salgado, 8th Grader, said he enjoyed having Coach Wallrich last year for science class. “He was a nice and fun coach and good teacher. He taught us stuff very well and was very fun,my favorite thing we did in class/lab was frog dissection, “ he said. “It was super fun; we did lots of labs and partner work with friends.”


Aaron Garcia, an 8th grade football player, explained that Coach Wallrich is fair. ”I think he is good and honest and lets us correct our mistakes in a nice way,” he said, adding that Coach Wallrich is quiet.

Kates Brewster an 8th grade student who had Coach Wallrich last year said that coach was a nice person.’’It was very engaging and fun. I loved every minute of it. He never was mean and never got mad at me,” she said.