Dobie’s clubs are diverse

Zaysha Contreras, Staff reporter

There are many school clubs at Dobie that are inspired by kids interests. Dobie encourages students to join a club that they enjoy. With at least 12 clubs on the list, students should have an interest in at least one club.

After doing homework at home, kids often watch TV or play on a device but when you join a club, you have something that you can enjoy doing with other people so you won’t be glued to a screen all afternoon.

Ife A. is an 8th grader in NJHS. NJHS lets me get to know more people around the school without me feeling antsy and nervous all of the time, said Ife.

Some clubs have a member limit such as Library Club and Art Club. The reason for this limit is because last years club leaders complained about having too many students in one room.

When students join a club, they have to listen to the new rules. Just because it’s a club, that doesn’t mean that there will be no rules and standards…explained Mrs. Loomis, Library Club Leader/ Librarian.

In order to join a club, students must go to the school website and look in the clubs department on the top middle of the page. Students should click on the club that interests them the most and find the leader, send an email and ask how to join.

Make sure you’re actually interested in the club before you join, because it irritates the club leaders when you say you’re not interested any more.

Art Club is for art gifted students who enjoy drawing, painting, and making sculptures. Art club members present their art to the school by the website or on a wall. The leaders are Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Santos-Uecker.

Builders Club- Is for students who like to interact with other students and build or create.  The leader is Mrs. DeJesus.

Spanish Club is for students who enjoy or want to learn the Spanish language. The leader is Mrs. Luna.

Students can find other clubs by going to Dobie’s website and selecting student activities, then clubs and organizations.