Experiences from the 13th floor.


 The thirteenth floor has been ranked as San Antonio’s scariest haunted house for it’s “ terrifying brand of horror.”

 The 13th floor is a haunted attraction in downtown San Antonio that is open seasonally during the month of October. It has been said to be the scariest haunted house in all of Texas because of its jumpscares and suspense horrors rooms.

Some students say that it is “Too scary” for them or they “Don’t like that stuff.” Which is true, but there are some students who are brave enough for it.

An actor from the 13th floor talks about his experiences working at the 13th floor.

“I would get to work by mid-afternoon and get my costume on, after that I put on makeup and get into character.” “I also have been slapped twice while on the job because my costume was so scary.” – Said actor, Zul-tan Demetrius

“The actors almost touched me and scared the life out of me on the 13th floor” -Said Cayden Dake.

From these accounts, we give those of you who want to experience the 13th floor this month a warning. You will be scared and it will feel very claustrophobic at times. It is known for being very scary and will most definitely give you chills down your spine.