PV; social media is too fun to let go off for me

Sakina Burhani, Staff Reporter

 I would probably not be able to do the social media detox only because i am frequently on my phone either texting friends or watching tv and even scrolling through the feed on instagram or snapchat. Social media is something i use every day because it’s like a necessity to me and without it i would be bored out of my mind.


 I think being able to have social media means to get to talk to your friends without actually seeing them because sometimes there’s no possible way to talk to them in person. Social media is also a way you can find out about the inside scoop of people and things ,like  maybe there’s a new item coming out and the only people who know about it are people connected to the media. I am on social media quite about everyday and not being able to kill time or get the inside scoop of things would bug me so much.


The video was nice because we got to see what girls lives are like without constantly being on social media and doing more productive things. The girls also tended to get more work and sleep than when they had social media to keep them distracted , because most of the time people get distracted and off track when they are on their phones , they could stay up till 2 am on social media and not even realize it and not able to get work around the house or school done in time. They also got to learn more things about their friends rather than just texting and liking pictures because they got to interact with them more properly and talk to them face to face rather than text.


 I normally use social media for hours a day and not get bored of it because it keeps me entertained and it effects me by letting me have fun but also get distracted by other more important things in life.