Student’s opinions on Character Lessons


Julius Torres and Jose Bermudez

Character Wednesdays in elective Cougar Times are teaching students to be responsible and to have good character. Character Lessons are always held on Wednesdays, and they could be about caring, citizenship, fairness, responsibility, and being respectful.


Students learn about self care, being kind, to be open minded, and many other topics. Teachers set up power points to teach kids about all types of good characteristics. They learn how doing something positive could have a big impact on someone’s life.

Julius Torres
This photo shows two students being engaged with the presentation in front of them.


Although some people think the character lessons are pretty helpful, there are a few students who think they are unnecessary.


Character lessons to some students are a good way to talk to people. 8th grader Aaliyah Simmons says that these are good discussion starters. “Teachers usually tell us to be quiet and not talk,” she said, “This gives us a way to talk to our peers about something good.”


“I like the character lessons,” says the 8th grader Bailee Sellers. “They inform me about character traits, and they’re fun to learn about.”


8th grader, Sakina Burhani, thinks that the Character Lessons are teaching a lot to students. She and other students believe that Character Lessons should be available in all cougar time classes. Although Character Lessons are doing good, there are some who think it’s not doing anything.


8th grader named Jaxon Zitkus says it is not helpful, and it won’t teach a person how to be a good person. He also claims that he knows all of the character traits, and the Character Lessons need to be more fun.


Another 8th grade student, Arianna Reuss, thinks it is not effective or descriptive. She also states that it is videos that she knows and she wants to learn something new. She also thinks that the way they are teaching this should be more interactive.


Sakina Burhani also believes this saying that they should do more partner work. Most students believe that this shouldn’t be offered in other cougar times, and some think it shouldn’t be in any cougar times at all. They say students need to focus on their core classes, and worry about getting their grades up.


Although these students may not like it, there are always people who do. Everyone has an opinion. Though we may never know if this is a good idea, we do know that it’s changing some students. It’s also making Dobie a better place for staff and students.