PV: My Military Life


Aaliyah Simmons

Thomas Stinson

Thomas Stinson, Staff Reporter

My Military Life

By: Thomas Stinson

I in fact, a military child myself. I have gone long lengths and have done many challenges with my friends, family, and things i love. My Dad has been in the Army for over 30 years ( went in in 1994 ) and has retired a year ago. His job was to leave suppressive fire on any attack o the fort he was stationed at, and to do many invanison or missions outside “the wire” He has been deployed to Kuwait, Afghanistan, Baghdad, Iraq and many other locations in the middle east.

His deployments affected my whole family. Including movings and breaking relationships with my friends i’ve tried to get close to. We have moved from California, to Texas, to Germany, to Georgia, to Kentucky and many other states and countries. Imagine, you have been on an Air Force base for 8 months. You have found many friends, and many people you could relate to. Then, out of the blue have to move across the country just for your Dad’s job. I remember, we were stationed in Fort Worth, Tx and we were moving to Italy. We woke up at 3 in the morning, took a lane, and left. I cried just remembering my friends and loved ones I will basically never see again. Then you land, in a new environment, adjust to the weather, and meet new people you know your going to forget.

Being in the military makes me feel stronger because you get to meet new people with different languages, religion, and furthermore… their dreams.