PV: The Importance Of Veterans Day Matters

Darius Williams, staff reporter

Veterans day is a day to recognize all the veterans that risked their life to save our families, and country. People in the navy, air force,, and military go days, months, maybe even years without seeing their families(most likely not years).

but only certain people recognize what they did for the country some people don’t care for the ones who lost their life to help us keep what we have they look at it as that kid who stopped a bomb but they don’t care enough to pay attention to his age or name or if he had a family that he wouldn’t have returned to.

Which is why veterans day is here to remind the people that their friend, neighbor, teacher, friend risked their life to keep them safe and that they should get a little more respect and recognition from others.

people should know what their families go through thinking that their son/daughter or wife/husband may never return to see their own family ever again it’s a tough role and very life costing.