PV: Importance of Veterans Day


Aaliyah Simmons

Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia, Staff Reporter

Veterans Day not only preserves the historical significance, but helps focus everyone’s attention on our veterans. A holiday to honor America’s veterans patriotism, will to sacrifice their life, and their love for our country. Veteran’s Day came about when “the war to end all wars” ended, which was November 11, 1918. At first the holiday was named Armistice Day but then in 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, changed it to Veterans Day.

Branches include:

    • Army: The army is the land warfare service branch of the United States armed forces.
    • Marines: The Marine Corps is the branch where they are trained for land, sea, and aerial combat.
    • Navy: The Navy is a naval warfare service branch and are trained for sea combat.
    • Air Force: The Air Force is the aerial and space service branch and are trained for air and space combat.
    • Coast Guard: The Coast Guard is responsible for guarding the United States coast.

In my opinion, our veterans are one of the biggest reasons why we can live the way we want to live everyday. Our veterans risk sacrificing their life for our freedom and happiness. For example, in WWI were one of biggest reasons why our country AND other countries have the freedoms they do today. We decided to come in the world war to help our allied forces win to maintain their freedoms. Veterans aren’t normal ordinary people in my opinion; their heroes.