Growing up in a Military Family and the Challenges



Growing up for me in a military family made me proud. I like that my dad was fighting for our country. But it was when my dad got deployed.

My dad was deployed in iraq and was a medic and was in iraq for about a year and a half. I really missed him but i knew that he was going to come home. I dressed up as a military guy and talked to him on skype every single day. We also did things that i wished he was here for me, he wasn’t here for my birthday or for christmas. But he was doing even more than all of this, he was fighting for my country.We also had to move a  lot, luckily it was only three times, but it was still sad leaving my friends.

         When my dad got home from fighting a war, i was happy, even my cat was. We hung up a  sign that said ‘’hometown hero’’ on it. But yes at times in a military family it’s difficult in what you do, at times it’s exciting, but it’s all about being brave to stand up for what’s right, like my dad.  We went to eat dinner with him, we had birthdays with him, it wasn’t that bad when he left, because we knew that he was going to come back, and he did, just put faith and bravery into it.