7th Grade Science Lab and the Activities

Nathan Blake , To interview people about the 7th grade science lab

The 7th graders that were doing the science lab and tested the different systems of the body by using different equipment to prove how the body works.

One example is that to prove the excretory systems functions, they use a cup and poke a hole in  the bottom and fill it with water. Immediately the water comes out of the hole and you have to keep the water at a specific temperature by adding hot and cold water and keep it at the same color. But the experiment is representing the function of the excretory system.

A student named Abby says that the project was “cool and talked about a lot of stuff” and wants to do it again. She said that her favorite lab was the lab about Homer and the excretory system. She says that ‘’yes, the lab was about different functions of  body systems but how much work and how important,’’ they are and that if you lose a body system you could die. So when you are thinking about your certain organs in your body, keep in mind that they are extremely important. And it also shows that if you don’t do certain things for your body you can get very malnourished. So you should stay healthy and fit to keep a maintained healthy body.

The lab consisted of the eight body systems in your body that and is essential to your survival. Using different activities to try out the different functions of the body systems. Like the respiratory system for example, it helps you breath and  supplies oxygen through your blood cells and releases carbon dioxide. But doing an exercise like jumping in place for one second increases your heart rate and your breathing rate. That is one of the important body systems that is essential to your survival.

The science lab basically consists of important systems of the body and using methods to prove the functions are a way to tell that they are important and are sometime hard to maintain because some people decide to not eat healthy at all. Some of the other stations are were you get markers and 2 eole ut dots on each other and then the person that got the dot on the has to guess were  the person ut the dot and so the objective of its to get the dot on top of each other.

Another example is  2 people both get a small cup of jellybeans and than one closes their  eyes and has to guess what the flavor is and than that goes back and forth till they  run out,and while the people do all the stations they are filling out a worksheet on what they