Pv: Social Media Detox


Danielle Vicencio, staff reporter

Ten girls had to go two weeks without Social Media, some had really positive responses about it. Honestly i’d love to do the social media detox, i’m always on social media and I can’t ever find myself getting off it. Many of the girls said they were able to sleep better, and get their homework done and not have so much stress on their plates.


I struggle falling asleep but mostly because when i’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep i’m on my phone. When I do my homework I plug my phone in and put it on do not disturb, I also put on music which helps me focus better. I could see how stress could come from social media, especially with cyber bullying and etc.


I think I would be able to do the detox, because just going an hour without social media actually feels nice. Honestly I think everyone should try to do the social media detox. It would be great for everyone.