The Importance Of Red Ribbon Week

 The Importance of Red Ribbon Week

By: Jade Munson , Gabby Sierra , Abra Sinayoko , Jadyn Garrett, Caleb Nash

Students seem to forget what Red Ribbon week is about. They see it as just a week you get to wear certain things throughout the week, instead of realizing the message behind why we participate. The importance of Red Ribbon Week is to talk about being drug free, and encourage others to do so.

According to Daeya Morgan who is in 8th grade, her memory from the past Red Ribbon Weeks was pajama day, when she dressed up as Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She is upset that there is no PJ day this year. “I would kill it,” said Daeya.

Sydney Jones, an 8th grader who is participating in the fun activities says, “I think Red Ribbon Week is a great inspiration to kids to understand the meaning of what drugs can do.” Her favorite thing about Red Ribbon Week is dressing with a group of friends and having fun.


The ‘When Sean Speaks’ presentation made an impact on a lot of students. It made them more aware of the consequences that could happen when you take drugs without knowing what you’re doing, and what you’re getting yourself into.


Aliana Graham an 8th grader says,“most students will end up drinking alcohol when they’re older, so instead of telling us not to do drugs they should tell us how we could protect ourselves.” She mentions that during the ‘When Sean Speaks’ assembly, he told us to always make sure our designated driver is sober. Although her opinion is different, she does make a valid point.  


Corey Hunter, an  8th grader thinks Red Ribbon Week warns us about why drugs are bad. “The assembly we had was touching. Sean told us we have

to be careful when we drink or do drugs.”  His favorite memory about Red Ribbon Week was dressing up. “It wasn’t just a fun thing to do, it also helped me understand why Red Ribbon week exists,he said.

Red Ribbon week is a week where we learn more about substance abuse, learning to be responsible, and making wise decisions when we are in certain situations, such as not knowing your limit on drinking alcohol, and drinking while driving.