PV:Being in a military family

Sade johnson, Photo editor

All of my life i’ve been living in different states going to new schools every 2-3 years and making new friends all because my dad been in the military.Before my dad was married to my mom he enrolled in the army at the age of 23 years old,But in 2015 he retired at the age of 55 and had been serving for 32 years of fighting for our country.

When i was little i remember moving around to different places.At first when we moved i felt sad because i had to leave all my friends behind and begin a new life at the place we are moving to and i was kinda worried because i didnt how we going to fit 4 of my sisters and 1 brother to a car everytime we move,but as 2 of my sisters and my brother got older they moved so i didn’t worry about it anymore.

As i got older i didn’t feel sad everytime i had to move because i got used to it.I moved to El paso,Kentucky,Oklahoma Georgia,Hawaii,Killeen and lastly San Antonio, so i moved about 7 or more times.Even though my family and i moved a bunch of times i think it’s kinda fun moving around.At first you would be sad because you have to leave everything behind but you get to see places that you never saw before.

When i moved to Hawaii i never saw anything beautiful.The ocean was so blue that it looks like the sky,When you go to Wakiki you think you are in a movie because it’s too beautiful to be a city,that’s how i felt when i was there.I’ve been living in Hawaii for 3 in a half years until my dad retired from the army in 2015 and decided to move again.When i heard the news that we were moving i was heartbroken i didn’t want to move because i loved Hawaii so much that i didn’t want to leave.I loved the culture,music,food and lastly i didn’t want to leave my Bestfriend.On June 15th 2015 i left Hawaii and my Bestfriend,Jessica.

In my opinion i think being in a military family made my family and i stronger because now we are together and we have better communication with each other then ever.