PV: Importance Of Veterans Day


Silvia Makori

Zoe Zarycki

Zoe Zarycki, Staff Reporter

Veterans Day is held on the anniversary of the end of World War I, November 11th, to honor the veterans from all wars. Veterans day used to be called Armistice day, armistice means an agreement to stop a war at a certain time. That’s why Veterans Day used to be called Armistice day because world war one was stopped by an agreement with both sides. When World War II was ended they decided to honor all veterans in all wars, which led to President Dwight D. Eisenhower to rename it as Veterans Day. It is very important to honor these veterans with respect, they have fought for our country and put their life at stake, to keep us safe.

I remember when my Grandpa, Oscar Felan, told me all about his time in the Vietnam war, he was a marine and served for four years. He told me how he met a lot of his close friends during his time serving and felt honored fighting for our country. “Even if my life depended on it i wanted to save my country.”, said Grandpa Oscar. During his time serving he was exposed to agent orange, agent orange was a chemical used during the Vietnam war to kill all the jungle plants and trees so the soldiers could not hide but it caused many of our soldiers to be sick and get a disease. He also to this day suffers from P.T.S.D. [post traumatic stress disorder] from all the loud bombs and gunfire.

My Grandma, Linda Cameron, also served she wasn’t in a war but she still played a big role, she was a F4 fighter for the first two years of serving, she traveled to many places to provide supplies for the jets when they needed it. During these two years she also practiced war just in case one broke out. “If anything happened we will know what to do, we can’t let the enemy think we are weak.”, said Grandma Cameron. That really showed me how seriously they took it and how much time they put into protecting our country. The last three years of her serving she was a M.T.I. [Military Training Instructor], she trained new people coming into the air force. She would take them to get their new uniforms and prepare for boot camp, during boot camp she would teach them how to march and taught them all about the history of the air force.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about veterans day and it’s very important to notice whats its about, people risked their lives for us for our country. We should be thankful and pay our respect towards the veterans who served and are serving our country.