Why Gun control Won’t help

Gavin Hlebik, Reporter


Gun control is a topic not to be taken lightly and is a very controversial. Many people want to put more strict laws and regulations, but how will this help stop violence in America?

Could it stop gun violence or make a new illegal market for dealers?


7th grader Caleb Nash says, “only certain people should have guns,’’ People who are cops or part of law enforcement, for example, should be able to access guns, though it’s not a guarantee that the cops will get there in time to save you and, what can the law enforcements do that you can’t do when your life is threatened.   


8th grader, Kelly Drewes says “we need more restrictions on guns making it harder to get one” “with less people with guns means less gun violence’’ But taking guns away from people won’t help the person wanting to make the attack. Procedures can be taken but you can’t control the person but they can be helped.

Take Nickolas Cruz for example he was the one who shot up stoneman Douglas high school in parkland Florida and killed seven people. But before any of this had happen he made a comment on YouTube video saying he was going to be a professional school shooter and , someone close to Nickolas Cruz gave info on his gun ownership, desire to kill , and erratic behavior. There were supposed to conduct an investigation but it was never conducted. It’s the police and FBI’s fault for not taking the threat on people’s lives serious     http://time.com/5163138/what-fbi-knew-nikolas-cruz/

 Why Do responsible gun owners have to suffer due to gun related attacks. Authorities and lawmakers don’t put regulation your car even though more people die from car crashes than guns. Guns are here for us to defend ourselves from threats like intruders,preditors,and tarrant governments.