What are Dobie students are wearing for Halloween


Paul Hodo

Brook Frank is ready for Halloween

Paul Hodo, Kelly Drewes, and Eleny Cordero

It’s almost Halloween! Time for some of our Dobie students to dress up and be whatever they want to be for the night and get as much candy as they can! Some students don’t dress up because they think their to old or they just don’t want to. They would rather have a party or just hand out candy to the other kids on Halloween night. 8th grader Brooke Frank said “My favorite part about dressing up for Halloween is being able to see what i can come up with because there are so many things i can be and come up with.” Other students don’t dress up “I feel like I’ve outgrown it and I’ve never really liked Halloween that much anyways.” 8th grader Pieper Jones said.

Last year It rained on Halloween. Lets hope it doesn’t do that to us this year! People are dressing up as great things this year. Trevor Thomas, an 8th grader, is gonna be a Furry. A lot of people are done dressing up for Halloween but have great memories of past costumes like Pieper Jones isn’t dressing up this year, and commented her favorite costume was Wonder Woman. Gabby Sierra, an 8th grader said that “Halloween is a day to dress up and get free candy, And who doesn’t want free candy. It’s the best!” Her favorite part about Halloween is that she usually gets to trick or treat with her friends! This year she plans on being someone from the purge.