PV: Why spread fake news rather than the truth


Silvia Makori

Sarah Lyon

Sarah Lyon, Co-editor


In a 2012 video uploaded to TED, a website of quote “ ideas worth sharing” Markham Nolan describes how much of a struggle it is for journalists to deal with fake news. Nolan’s speech states how finding out if news is valid or not is a process. Many steps are involved in trying to figure out what journalists can really put in their articles, due to all of the fake news, and twisted stories that get tossed around.   

The video starts off with Markham stating how the journalism industry, withholds a “huge amount of upheaval” going on in the media. Journalists have a hard time finding true facts and in my opinion I think that the facts get jumbled up, and changed into something more interesting, or something more appealing to the people.Though I’m guilty of reading fake news, I believe It’s a real problem for journalists who are trying to find good and interesting topics to write about.

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Image of how there is still truth in journalism despite, all the negative.

 According to various political outlet websites, more than 3-in-4 of 803 American respondents, or 77 percent, said that they believe that major media outlets report “fake news,”. Although, a lot of fake news is focused on politics there are many other untruthful articles that are unrelated to politics, and focus more on the tram-attic stories.

“You can only blame fake news so many times before the truth starts to emerge from the newsprint.” says Anthony T. Hincks. In my opinion, part of the problem with fake news is that some people choose to share it even if they know it’s fake,  but they like the appeal and the views they get, therefore people spreading lies because it gains attention.

To me journalism and writing should be about sharing stories that you feel need to be heard, not writing to gain more views, or praise. The truth always comes out so why should we lie with fake articles,  rather than tell true and meaningful stories.


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