PV: Veteran Appreciation


Silvia Makori

Daeya Morgan

Daeya morgan, student life-editor

I have always been around the military. Weather it was my grandma, cousin,mom,dad,anyone really! My mom and my dad is active duty in the military and my mom is retired.

My parents were both in the military. My mom was in for 10 years but, she left when she got pregnant with me. My dad however is still in the military serving as a nurse. We got stationed here in 2009 and have been here since. He  is going on his 20th year and he plans on retiring in 2022.

In 4th grade my dad got deployed for Korea for a whole year. I remember always being so sad. I remember when he was coming back for my birthday, and the holidays . My mom has us stay the night at a friends house and the next day he came in and surprised us. We got taken out of school that day and went out to eat to celebrate him coming back .

I may not agree with all the decisions america is making at the moment but, I do appreciate all the veterans and they all deserve a pat on the back.When I grow up , I want to be a nurse and help all the ill and make a cure to Cancer.