PV: My experience growing up in a military family

Lauren Brochu and her dad eat for Donuts With Dad

Lauren Brochu and her dad eat for “Donuts With Dad”

Lauren Brochu, Copy Editor

Going to more than 6 different schools in 9 years, making new friends, and leaving family made a challenging experience that only military families would understand.

I was born in Yokota Japan, an Air Force Base East of Tokyo. Both my mom and my dad were stationed there after they were married. I spent 2 ½ years in Yokota before we moved to Cibolo. I spent around a year and a half here before we moved to Connecticut where I spent a year. After the year was over, we moved back to Cibolo where my mom’s family lives, while my dad left to go to Washington state. I spent half a year here and then moved up with my dad for six months.

My dad was in the Air Force for 20 years and retired as a Senior Master Sergeant the summer before my fifth grade year. My mom was also in the Air Force, but left while she was pregnant with me. She was in the finance department for 8 years. My dad worked in the finance department as well, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t move around as much as anybody else.

Moving to new schools was very difficult for me. I would make amazing friends and then find out I have to leave the state in 2 months. It was very difficult to keep in touch with everyone because not many kids had phones when I was younger. We would text everyday for a couple months, but after that we would end up texting less and less until we didn’t talk at all.

As difficult as it was for me as a child being moved from state to state, I realize now that it was also challenging for my parents. When i was younger I wasn’t aware of that things my dad was going through and the places he went. He went to Korea and Abu Dhabi. As I got older i realized just what he was doing and more about  the places he went.

To me, being in a military family means that you’re always trying your best and supporting everyone around you. It also means being exposed to more experiences sooner. Being in a military family makes me stronger because when I’m having a rough time I can think about how my parents didn’t give up after being away from their families right after high school, as well as being stationed in rough places. I have no excuse from not wanting to study or run errands because if my parents can do challenging things they don’t want to do, then I can as well.

I am so unbelievably happy to have grown up in a military family even if it meant not seeing family for some time. I’ve been able to experience things that many of my friends have not. Such as traveling on a plane and going zip lining. I’m so proud of my dad for giving 20 years to the military and getting as far as he did. I’m very grateful to have been raised in a military family.