How to be safe on Halloween


Jack-o-lanterns are carved every Halloween to light the way.

Dean Slater, Tyler Myers, and Jared Haug

Did you hear about the little girl who bit into a candy bar and died because a stranger had tainted it with poison? Maybe in the story you heard, a little boy bit into an apple and cut his mouth on a razor blade?  


Halloween should be a safe place for everyone, but sadly some people just don’t think that way.

Braden Crouse was one of the people interviewed and he said “I feel safe on Halloween.” Even if you feel safe on Halloween there are still many dangers.  Some advice to be safe on Halloween is always have an adult in your group, and always check your candy.


Gabby Sierra said “ I don’t go alone it scares me.” She also said “When I’m with friends I feel safe.” What does she take to be safe on halloween? She goes with friends always  to insure her safety. Which is one of the precautions you can take to be safe. If you are going alone you are more likely to be kidnapped but if you are in a group your chances of being kidnapped are low but it still can happen so stay near crowded blocks and streets.


 These tips can ensure anyone’s safety on this years Halloween.