Inside look into girls basketball tryouts

Sarah Lyon and Lauren Brochu

Basketball season is rolling around and the first day of 7th grade girls basketball tryouts were on Friday, October 19, and 8th grade tryouts were Monday October 22. Dobie’s basketball participants were excited, determined and nervous. Tryouts are difficult for not only the participants but also the parents and the coaches. There can be amazing players but if their grades are not up to standard it makes the coached unsesy to cut the most potential athletes.

Though some thought tryouts were stressful, others thought they were super exciting. The few that made the team have nothing but positive vibes towards the upcoming season. Both 7th and 8th grade had their first game on Thursday October 25, against Kitty Hawk, and Woodlake. Most girls are relieved tryouts are over and are ecstatic to have made the team. “ The second half of the game is my favorite part. Everyone is pumped and less nervous, and excited to play,” says 8th grade basketball player Addie Schwabe.

All athletes go through tryouts many times in their life and they all have ways to make it through them. “On the first day I was really nervous and scared,” states Aubrey Sanchez, an A-Team basketball player. Aubrey says that her sister motivates her to do her best because she’s on Steele’s basketball team. Being that there were about 50 girls, not everyone can get their desired position the team, such as the case for Aubrey. “I wanted to be point guard but I’m pretty good at shooting so then I got shooting guard.” The coaches want the best possible team they can make so if they think that people will be better as different positions they are going to make adjustments.

Every athlete has things they need to work on. Sydney Jones, a new 8th grade basketball team member, said that her most challenging skills are layups, and anything involving her left hand. Everyone who makes their desired team is super excited right? But there are always a lot of people who don’t make the cut. “I was happy, but I also felt bad for the people who didn’t make the team.”

According to Adrianna McGhee, a 7th grade basketball athlete, tryouts were nerve wracking and challenging. “I was nervous because there were a lot of people,” says Adrianna. Adrianna is a point guard, a position typically played by shorter people. According to McGhee, dribbling between the legs and behind the back was the most difficult part of tryouts. “Tryouts were stressful because the other girls were really really good,” claims Adrianna. During tryouts there was a lot of competition and not everyone will get the position they wanted or not even make the team.

Jadyn Garrett, an 8th grade basketball participant said she play basketball because it’s really fun. “I feel like it runs in the family, so my dad helps me out a lot.” Jadyn plays post and she claims this is best for her because she’s tall and still has to practice dribbling. “I think that I’ll make the team because I was on the team last year and I’ve been practicing all summer.” She stated that her favorite part about being on the court is the tired feeling, excitement and the people watching.

Lady cougars basketbal tryouts were an overall success. All the players are over the moon for the new season as well as the rest of the school. What a great start to the 2018-2019 girls basketball season!