PV: Being a new student


Kalandria Luna and Kalandria Luna

My name is Kalandria Luna. I am 14 and currently attend Dobie Junior High as an eighth grader. My first day of school at Dobie was October 22. My family and I moved to Texas due to my dad being in the military. We moved from San Diego, California to Cibolo, Texas. I felt sad to leave home for school, but it wasn’t the first time I’ve moved.

I’ve moved 13 times. It’s all part of being in a military family. These are the states where I have lived: Florida, California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Connecticut, Alabama and Arizona.

Here’s a little about me. I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. I am the middle child of my two sisters. I love dogs, arts and crafts and my family.  I am very shy when I am around new people.

On my first day at Dobie Junior High I had a mix of feelings. On that morning I felt mad. I hate getting up in the morning, but I was happy to make friends and meet new people and see my new school.

The morning of my first day I was very scared of many things. Being behind in my classes, not making friends and being in a new place. I felt very anxious to be in a new environment with no familiar faces.

I started my day in the counselor’s office with Ms. Schroeder. She helped me figure out my schedule. Then a JS2S member gave me a tour of the school by showing me where my classes would be. It was very fast and confusing.

I started school in the middle of the day which made it more confusing. I was really nervous to be in a huge school,having no idea where to go, or anybody to talk to. Being a new student is very stressful and scary. Making new friends is also hard because nobody knows you, but at the end of the day I knew I would survive