PV: What I think of the Social Media Detox

Alison Meredith, Staff Reporter

This social media detox video is talking about going 2 weeks without your phone which is 14 days without any type of social media or contact with friends. The 10 girls that were interviewed told us their views towards the social media platform. One girl said that when you’re away from your phone (Instagram) you feel like your missing something that and your fearing what they might be saying about you you also fear the amount of likes you get on a photo you think maybe its not enough.

It causes problems around the household. When your mom tells you over and over to do something and you ignore it because you’re talking to a friend That’s disrespectful. Your life shouldn’t revolve around the social networking sites that we use. You should be spending it outside or with your family. No one is saying that social media is bad but its not healthy if you’re on it all the time.

I couldn’t think of myself doing this I think I could cut some hours off using my phone but I couldn’t fully stop using it. I use it to keep in contact with my friends and family and with what’s going on outside of my own little bubble.