PV: The importance of Veterans Day


Jocelyn McComic

Grace Barco

Grace Barco, Staff reporter

Veterans Day on November 11 is an important day to many people in the United States. It’s a day that we honor our country’s veterans. I am proud of all veterans, especially my brother Abram Barco.

My brother is currently serving in the Army. He has told me many stories about how they train and the things they do while training. Abram has trained for a war and all the things that come with it. It has tested his strength and his ability to do certain things such as using a firearm and putting on a gas mask during a certain time.

Although my brother is still training and hasn’t fought in a war he is willing to protect our country. Those may not be his exact words but he has told me several times that he is willing to fight if there were to be a war or circumstances that you are needed to go to warfare.

Therefore we should give thanks to veterans and realize that what they are doing is important and very challenging at times. When I see my brother Abram in his uniform I know he has earned it. With the stories my brother shares with me it opens my eyes and I realize how important it is to have veterans in our lives. They train for the worst possibilities and are willing to defend our nation. When you see veterans in their uniforms, standing tall you have to remember what it took to get there and the importance of it.

Veterans Day first originated as “Armistice Day.” Then President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the original name to Veterans Day in 1954. Veterans day is where we give thanks to both living and dead veterans. Most importantly it gives thanks to the six million veterans that served during peacetime and war.

Men and women serve in the military. Each and every one of them play different roles in life so veterans leave everything behind. In history it’s important to recognize and honor who fought for our country. People have gotten injured and put their lives at risk and other lives have been taken. Veterans are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect our country and leave everything behind .We need to honor those lives that were lost and show our appreciation and realize how thankful we are for them. They protect our country and the citizens.

In the United States, the Army is the largest branch in the military and is the oldest branch of military as well. The purpose of the Army is to protect the country and the citizens from potential danger that can occur on land. To fulfill their duty they defend our nation.

The Navy’s main duties are on sea but a small portion are on land. Its purpose is to help the Air Force and to transport aircraft for the sea. Marines get support from the Navy for operations that take place in the air and sea.

Since the Coast Guard is the smallest branch it is typically forgotten and people can misinterpret certain things about the military branch. Everything takes place on the sea such as rescues and prevention of illegal immigration that can happen on sea.