PV: Freedom is Not Free; Thank Our Veterans


bella oakes, copy editor

Veterans Day is a day to remember our soldiers and those that were once soldiers. It occurs on November 11th every year. Veterans Day was founded on November 11th (of course) in 1919.


The Coast Guard protects America’s coasts and oceans, as well as the Navy; but the Navy focuses more on maritime battle while the Coast Guard protects more than fights. The Air Force battles in the air in planes, jets, etc. Army fights on foot and in tanks, and Marines do all of the above.


We need to respect our veterans because they fight for our freedom out out of the kindness of their hearts.


We need to love our veterans because they definitely deserve it.


American citizens of today’s generation often take freedom for granted, because that has been all we’ve known since birth. Freedom comes with a hefty price: the thousands of lives that have been lost in wars and even everyday.


Today, and everyday, we need to appreciate our veterans and acknowledge the struggles they go through to deliver us freedom.