What are Dobie students doing this Halloween?

Jazlyn Garcia and Shania sapp

As we know Halloween is right around the corner. Students are excited and they are prepared for Halloween. Some are going to stay at home, others are going to haunted houses and others are going trick or treating. We asked some people about what are they doing for Halloween.


Arianna Fisher, a 7th grader, plans to wear a costume for Halloween. “I’m hoping to get snickers in my trick or treat bag and lots of candy.” She’s going trick or treating with one of her friends. She plans to trick or treat for at least one hour. “I may go to some haunted houses that are in my neighborhood. I’m am going to be a demon witch for Halloween,” said Fisher.” I’m so excited and can’t wait!”


Kaylyn Henderson, an 8th grader, says for Halloween she plans to go trick or treating with a group of her friends. She plans to trick or treat for at least an hour. “I’m going to be the purge. I’m going with some friends of mine that I went trick or treating with last year”, said Kaylyn Henderson.”I hope to get Jolly Ranchers and Kit Kats” says Kaylyn Henderson.


Caleb Mouser, a 7th grader, “I don’t celebrate Halloween because my parents don’t allow me to because we are Christians,” says Caleb Mouser. He usually does things he does on a normal basis with the exception of getting extra candy from my parents buying it.“However, I would celebrate it if it weren’t for them.” Said Caleb Mouser.


Raelyn Jernigan, 8th grader, “I do celebrate Halloween. I am celebrating it by going trick or treating with friends and I chose to be a person from the purge” says Raelyn Jernigan.  She will be going trick or treating for probably for only 2 hours depending on who she will be going with. “I don’t care what candy I get I probably won’t eat it anyways,” said Raelyn Jernigan.


According to the Dobie students, most Dobie students celebrate  Halloween and are going trick or treating, they said they would be out for at least 1 or 2 hours. The ones who don’t celebrate Halloween said they just stay home and do what they normally do on a daily basis.