Personal View: More Emergency Drills Needed

Kaitlynn Dority

Most school emergency drills are different so when you get to a different school you’d think they’d teach you the new types of drills, especially since there is construction going on that can cause fires and other emergencies. On average, about 4,000 school fires happen each year causing an estimate of 75 injuries each year.

So far, Dobie has had a couple of fire drills, but emergencies don’t only include fires. Shootings, intruders, tornadoes and more are possible. You’d think this would never happen to your school, but anything is possible. On average there are about 28 school shootings a year.

“They possibly don’t teach drills anymore because we’ve been doing them since kinder,” said Lina Bosier, 7th grader. “But I think it’s also kind of bad they don’t teach it because I kinda forgot what to do.”

Dobie Jr. High should go over emergency drills because these kind of emergencies can happen to any school at anytime.