What If You Stopped Using Social Media for 2 Weeks?


Caleb Mouser

Caleb Mouser, Staff Reporter

GMA (Good Morning America) made a video accompanied by an article, about what is being called a social media detox. Basically, ABC News had 10 girls aged 13-14 go without social media (specifically Instagram and Snapchat) for 2 whole weeks. This is what is known as a “social media detox”.

The girls said that they slept better, focused on their homework & the world around them better, they felt less stressed and felt they were being more productive than usual. They also said they fought with their parents much less, with the absence of social media.

However, this does not mean that being off social media was %100 positive for them, as the girls were not able to contact their friends/make plans with them, something they missed during the 2 weeks. Apart from this, they also, at times, felt left out when friends not doing the “challenge”, were using social media and/or “would talk about something that happened over Instagram that night.”

Overall, the 10 girls felt the detox was a good idea, and highly recommended it to others. “There were times I felt like I was missing out, but overall I felt a lot more peaceful and less stressed, I was able to enjoy my family and friends more. I realized how addictive social media can be and how unhealthy it can be.” says Ella Noblin, one of the girls who took on the detox “challenge”.

If you want a better explanation of this and would like to read the actual article on GMA, I recommend that you click this lovely line of blue text.

Or, if you would like to see how you could host your own social media detox, click on THIS line of blue text.

Now here’s a question… Would I be able to do it?

Probably, considering my parents don’t let me use social media (I know, it’s stupid). Although I used to use a LEGO social platform, and I did sometimes have a hard time getting off, but still, I think I could do it.

And here’s another question, would you be able to do it?