PV: Reaction towards Social Media Detox


Aaliyah Simmons

Zharia Spann

Zharia Spann, Staff Reporter

As a thirteen year girl, I do catch myself going on social media for a long period of time. Snapchat, Facebook,and Youtube are the only social media sites that I use. I go on Snapchat to contact friends and see how their life is going. The way I contact my mother is through Facebook, because she doesn’t live with my dad, sister, and me. I would say, on an average, I use social media for around 4 hours a day. Personally, I would be able to do the social media detox without a problem, because I don’t have a problem detaching myself my phone.

In the Good Morning America video,the girls realize that they can get more sleep and interact more with one another. With more sleep the can have more energy to do activities outside with their friends. During this video, the girls thought that they couldn’t do it but changed their thoughts and actions and adapted to the new routine.


Detoxing yourself from social media could help find more ideas and relieve you from stress. Social media helps me express myself and talk to friends and family.


I can talk to my family through social media, such as Facebook, and without it i wouldn’t be able to keep up to date with them, like how they are doing? What exciting happened this weekend? Or even, what are you up to? I don’t go on social media often, mostly to talk to my mother.


Detoxing from social media for a period of time is a great idea and most people should volunteer to do it. On the other hand, that period of time that you are detoxing from social media, important events might be going on around you. The weather could have changed and a hurricane, tornado, floud, tsunami, ect could being your way and you wouldn’t know.


I have mixed feelings about about social media detoxes,  such as,’’ it’s a great idea everybody needs to do, at least one of these in their lifetime.’’ Getting your mind off of comments people might have said on your pictures, spending quality time with your family, and overall, being or becoming more active with your free time. Most children grow up with phones in their hands and I think that those individuals will have hard time detaching from social media.


There are pro’s and co’s on the idea of social media detoxing, therefore, i have no solid answer on what  think about it