What To Do On Halloween



Jack-o-lanterns are carved every Halloween to light the way.

Ryan Maurer, Staff Reporter

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday, it’s up there with the likes of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, however, there’s a wide variety of what to do on Halloween night, from staying home watching scary movies to going to haunted houses in the city. Halloween has almost endless possibilities.


If you’re looking forward to Halloween for the spooks there’s nothing better than a good ol’ haunted house. Anything from your neighborhoods haunted house that was made on a shoestring budget, to the 13th floor could get your heart pumping.


If going to haunted houses is too intense then you can always dress up and roam the neighborhood with your friends. Halloween night in the neighborhood is full of fun things, like exploring a creepy forest, going to a party, or scaring a couple of kids. Just make sure to be safe.


Some people don’t like going to haunted houses or roaming around a dark neighborhood late at night; if you’re one of those types of people you can always stay home. Milton Bolmer said, “my plans are to just stay home and watch movies, and that’s it.” There are almost no downfalls to staying home, you’re still able to dress up in costumes, watch tv, hand out candy, host a party, and your legs don’t start to hurt after walking for hours.


Of course if you don’t like to be given heart attacks at haunted houses, or being locked up at home all night, and you want to take advantage of getting free candy, you could always go trick or treating. Most kids spend their nights trick or treating, like David Spink who said that he’s going trick or treating with his friend. Trick or treating is what most people think of when they hear Halloween. When asked why Sydney Griggs goes trick or treating she said, “For me it’s like because you can see the decorations and get free candy.” She later went on to say it’s a fun way to hand out with my friends and have a small adventure.


These choices just scratch the surface of the many activities you can do on this all hallows eve. Don’t limit yourself, don’t think that these are the only things to do because there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to Halloween.